How will the voice of the wind be?
The wind that comes down from the mountains and sways the branches of the trees on the banks of the rivers?
Will he bring the deaf roar of the drums that sounded at the hands of the long-gone owners of this land?
Will he whistle among the valleys a sad tune of an old pipe?
Or ... will you walk with love in the chords of a zamba?
Who knows?
I only know that if the wind had a voice on earth, a human voice ...
That would be the voice of Jorge Bach.

Jorge Bach – Voice of the Wind.

Folklore musician and artist with 25 years of experience, representing the musical and dance folklore direction of the peoples inhabiting the Andean mountains.


He has released 3 albums as a soloist and is currently working on the release of his fourth album.

Winner of the second most important national folk festival Baradero in 1999, winner of the “Opening of the Year” category of the main national folk festival Koskin in 2000.

Winner of the 2001 National Radio Festival.

The best artist according to the music section of the national magazine Clar’n.

Winner of the TV show “Dream to Sing” (local analogue of the program “The Voice”) in 2014.


Listening to his music, it is as if we make an exciting imaginary journey through the incredible landscapes of the north and north-west of Argentina.  The canvas of songs is sketched with touches of many musical instruments, deeply immersing the listener in the local flavor, customs and cultural traditions.  We can hear the sound of brass queans, charango, kenacho, sicus, zampony, erchencho, carefully and harmoniously accompanied by guitar and percussion instruments.


Альбом Coplas diableras
Coplas diableras
Diableras couplers
Альбом El cóndor pasa
El cóndor pasa
And the condor is flying
Альбом Me gusta Jujuy
Me gusta Jujuy
I like Jujuy


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5 p.m.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

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Diableras couplers

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