Traitorous hugs


You swore to me before God

And you lied with every word

And you paid with bad

The love that I always gave you

If I go to another sea

To sow the seed of my soul

Do not pretend that I

I remember you with every word

Love will return

In the eyes of some mermaid

That teach me to swim

Dodging your treacherous skin

Love will fly


On the nights of January

When the sea of your skin

Be river looking for another soil

Oh my soul does not want to cry

Oh my soul does not want to suffer

That’s why I ask for oblivion

That you give up my live

Today the sun will burn the foundation

What was my failure

Starting again

Again powerful my steps

Speak no more than your love

Already approaches tenacious to oblivion

And you will see triumphant

The one you call your enemy.