If you leave


If you leave, I will remain silent

Lying on my madness

And my body will cry out your absence,

mutilated of your naked skin

And your voice will walk, and your voice will walk

Reproving some heartbreak

If you leave, it will not be the same

I will walk contentedly to a pity

My guitar will calm my crying

Sentenced to an hourglass

You will not listen to me, you will not listen to me

with sadness my voice will not be heard

Punishment of my loneliness

A ghost in time

What is my life if you go

I followed her with my longing

I know that if you leave

I will never recover again

Real love

You do not leave me alone here

I will not know how to live without you

Without your love, I will never love again

If you go the silent walls

They will watch how I die in silence

And my hands will look anxious

The miracle of caressing your body

I will not be able to escape, I will not be able to escape

Of the ruins of my loneliness.

If you leave, the air that I breathe

Will be soured by memories

I will not find a place in this world

That does not have the smell of your hair

And you will stalk me, and you will stalk me

For the duration of my walk.